Adopt a Sector: The Guide

We’ve been hearing some questions about what to do with the St. Paul sectors, so we put the following info together.

Adopt a Sector

The purpose of dividing Downtown St. Paul into sectors is to decentralize coordination of blockades on Day One of the RNC. The intention is that organizing develops organically, and so it will look different from sector to sector. Ideally, one large group or cluster planning a large blockading action will “adopt” each sector, positioning themselves as a focal point for coordination of that sector. This doesn’t mean their action needs to or should fill the entire sector or that they will be directing intrasector activity but, rather, that it establishes an open avenue of participation. It would be great if the group were willing to facilitate planning for the entire sector but, at minimum, this group needs to be open to communication from others planning actions within the same sector, and to be committed to respecting a diversity of tactics.

Sector adoption should happen by mid-July and entails releasing a public statement containing the following information:

  1. What sector you’re taking, and what you want to name it.
  2. Contact information, both for the summer months and the convention itself.
  3. Your capacity and intentions in terms of intrasector coordination, e.g., are you planning a public, participatory action? are you planning spokescouncils?

As the convention nears, you are responsible for releasing updates on your sector- this may be done through the WC, if you wish. Updates should include an honest assessment of sector strength and of your needs- if you do not feel that your sector will be filled, say so. Delusions of grandeur are not permitted.

Plug into a Sector
Those wishing to plug into a sector without adopting it should establish communication with any group that has done so, and should make every effort to organize in complement with other intrasector activities.

What is the RNC Welcoming Committee’s role?
The Welcoming Committee will post the sector adoptions on our website and update the map accordingly. We will make contact information for each sector available, help connect organizing groups and individuals where prudent and, upon request, provide any information that we can about Downtown St. Paul and convention plans, including detailed descriptions of sectors. We will not recognize or, in any way, facilitate the plans or organizing of groups who are willing to cooperate with law enforcement in the repression of dissent.

Ready to adopt? Email rnc08(a)


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