Anti-Capitalist Bloc at St. Paul

Fellow and Sister Workers,

As you probably know, the fair city of St Paul, Minnesota has the unlucky distinction of hosting the Republican National Convention this coming Labor Day weekend. We are writing to invite all North American wobs who can’t afford to go to GA in London to come to the Twin Cities for an Anti-Capitalist Bloc in the Anti-War March on September first + optional direct action components throughout the convention.

In order to communicate a message against the capitalist system and not against the Republican Party, we call on you to join us in the tradition of the Anarcho-Syndicalist and Libertarian Socialist Unions of Western Europe. In Spain, Italy, France, and Sweden revolutionary unions including the CNT, the CGT, the SAC, and USI unify workers who reject the capitalist system in broad and effective demonstrations/ direct actions that reflect worker power from the shop floor onto the streets.

We seek to create a parallel Anti-Capitalist Movement in North America. We believe that rather than detracting from the primary focus of the IWW, a strong Anti-Capitalist Movement in the Americas would support and complement industrial and shop floor organizing.

We’ve heard from several IWW members individually to say that they are coming to town during the RNC – please get in touch with us if you’re planning to come! We want to get a sense of how many IWW members are going to be here so we can plan accordingly – whether you’re interested in participating in the bloc or not, we’ll help you get set up with transportation/ places to stay, plug into actions and strategies, connect you with legal support/jail solidarity, and hopefully use the RNC as a springboard to move Twin Cities organizing campaigns forward with the support of wobblies from other areas of the US (or elsewhere).

If you have any other questions or are interested in organizing the bloc, please let us know. You can email us at anticapbloc@

If there’s anyone else you think should get this email, please forward it to them.

Anti-Capitalist Bloc Organizing Committee,
Twin Cities GMB


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