Bash Backl! Painting RNC Sector 5 Pink and Blue

At the most recent Bash Back! meet up in Milwaukee, Queermos came together to hammer out details about what we want our street party blockade to look like.


In recent years, large groups of protesters wearing festive, bright, and outrageous costumes have been able to hold it down longer than the 100 conspicuous people wearing all black with sticks (that was not a slam on
the black bloc). Radical Cheerleaders, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, Reclaim the Streets Parties, Marching Bands, and similar tactics have been pushing the boundaries of confused police for quite some
time. Take for example the World Bank/IMF protests in Prague 2000. Three marches consisting of the blue bloc (similar to the black bloc), Ya Basta (padded bloc) and the Pink/Silver bloc (fabulous motherfuckers) were
determined to surround the convention center and shut the meetings down. Not only was the Pink and Silver bloc the only march to make it to the convention center but video footage confirms that entire groups of terrified riot police ran at the sight of the march. Never underestimate the power of hundreds of pissed off pink and silver wand waving faeries.

After reviewing this and other historical evidence the Bash Back! Milwaukee Consulta is calling for our Street Party Blockade to adopt thecolors Pink and Blue.

Why Pink and Blue?

Light Pinks and Blues are calming colors that can bring out a passive nature in people. When being confronted by angry cops wielding tasers and batons, this can come in handy.

Pink and Blue have been assigned to “male” and “female” sexes for quite some time now. Although it wasn’t until recently that Blue was associated with “boys” and Pink with “girls. Before this, Pink was actually seen as a very “strong/masculine” color and Blue was a “weak/feminine” color. In keeping with our “No Gender Borders,” theme we will use society’s bizarre color standards to challenge, alter, reinvent and/or destroy their idea of gender and sexuality. This does not mean y’all should leave the pink/purple and black flags at home. Fly those fuckers high!

Also remember to keep safety in mind when preparing your costumes. As much as we may want to look fabulous, or fabulously butch, we must be ready for possible chemical warfare attacks by the terrorists aka various law
enforcement agencies. We suggest bringing along shatter-resistant goggles, soaked bandannas/masks, a hat, waterproof outterwear, your typical mass demo attire. One may incorporate these measures into one’s costume OR bring along a light/handy backpack allowing one to pull them out at a moments notice.

Sector 5

Bash Back! attendees of the Milwaukee Consulta were approached by organizers from the Midwest Region about claiming Sector 5 along with the Midwest Cluster(s).

We came to the conclusion that we would join onto Sector 5 while still maintaining our decision making independence. We are NOT a part of the Midwestern Cluster(s) but rather we will be jointly staking claim to sector 5. While many people from all corners of the country will be joining the Bash Back! blockade, at this point in time it seems the majority will be from the Midwest. As there will be a large number of Midwestern Trannies and Queers, we can effictively serve as a middle ground of trust between Midwest Blockades in our sector and Trannies/Queers from other regions in Spokescouncil situations.

Keeping it Fierce,
Bash Back!

Free the New Jersey 4!
Free all Prisoners!


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