DC SDS: Funk the War at the Republican National Convention

Funk the War has spread like a fluorescent-colored disco fungus across the map of the United States. From Providence to Richmond and from Philadelphia to Portland, Funk the War has infected youth with militant anti-war disco fever, and the only prescription is more bass, beats, and funk.

Our youthful funknadoes have swept through Washington DC, leaving recruiting centers trashed, war profiteer buildings dripping with red paint, police covered in glitter, and everywhere in between plastered with stickers. We brought traffic to a halt on War Profiteer’s Row, and danced until we could no more. And now we are going to bring Funk the War to the Republican National Convention, incorporating the militant anti-war disco into the Unconventional Action blockade strategy.

We’re going to shut down their stale meetings, their prescripted speeches and stuffy politicians that have been bleeding this country dry for eight years, and we’re going to do it the best way we know how: we’re going to dress fierce, we’re going to blast our music loud, we’re going to party hard. Come to the Twin Cities on September first and party with us.

War is a waste of our Youth! Funktocracy is in the Streets!

You can contact us if you have any questions, want to sign on to this call to action, or want to get your affinity group or SDS chapter involved at dcsds@riseup.net.


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