Everything for Everyone: a Small Demand Call for an Anti-Capitalist Force at the DNC protests

On August 24-28, the ruling elite and their defenders will converge in Denver Colorado, in an attempt to recuperate the gains of global social movements and produce another myth of progress. Lip service to global warming, the economic crisis and the war will endow them with the magic to spread amnesia across the hearts and minds of North America. In an ironic destruction of illusions, those who manage statecraft will make material the wet dreams of the politicians that haunt such movements—pitting anti-racist struggles and feminism against each other in a battle for political power. Behind the closed doors of the Pepsi Center, history will continue—and as predicted, it will be banal and terrifying.

Outside those doors, however, so many will exclaim, smash and sing a harmonious “no.”
We have little time for poetry; we have little patience for progress. We will go home to our communities after this Summer, and it is in our communities that the effects of the broadening ecological crisis, the crash of the economy and the implementation of security-as-a-way-of-life will take hold. Whether it is the right wing of capital or the left wing of capital, capitalism will continue to structure our lives and dissolve every inch of autonomy we carve out.

To the contrary of the common narrative of defeat and despair, we notice that it is also in these communities that our affects take hold. It is within these circuits of support—both material and emotional—that we produce ourselves as powerful. We go to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and to the Republican National Convention in Minnesota’s Twin Cities with this epiphany in mind.

Everything for Everyone: A Small Demand
On the evening of August 25, the night of the Democratic Party’s fundraising events, we will manifest ourselves not as a focus group but as a force: Against capitalism and in solidarity with those who fight against policing on a daily basis, (in memory of Paul Childs and Frank Lobato both murdered by the Denver police); against the destruction of the planet and for our own needs for a total transformation of society. At 6 p.m. gather as a Black Bloc at Civil Center Park in downtown Denver. Wear black tops and blue denim bottoms. Bring flags and banners. Be materially prepared. We do not seek a mere march against capitalism but rather a communication mechanism to inquire of others a modest question: “We want everything. Do you?”

For the destruction of capitalism and the state,

—A precarious workers-council of Unconventional Action, and comrades from the West Coast, Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, East Coast, the UK, and Europe


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