Swarm, Seize, Stay

a call for Crashing the 2008 Republican National Convention

The playbill has been printed, the tickets have been sold, and on September 1st , 2008, the Republican National Convention is scheduled to open in St. Paul, MN. The RNC is political theater- meant to showcase the GOP’s finest actors and send their chosen into a spectacular final round of campaigning before the November election. But what is spectacular about hiding the repressive show of force necessary to keep this system on its bloody course? Republicans, like all politicians in this two-act tragedy, exist to maintain systems of oppression that keep us down- at any cost. Our Earth is not for sale and we are not mere spectators in this brutal charade….who is going to pull the final curtain in September?

The RNC Welcoming Committee calls for anyone and everyone who cares about a better world than the politicians claim to offer to “Swarm, Seize, and Stay,” on September 1st . Our goal for Day One is to blockade Downtown St. Paul, so that the only show worth watching is the one we create in the streets. Generally, Swarm Seize, Stay (3S) means:

  1. Move into/around Downtown St. Paul via swarms of varying sizes, from multiple directions, and with diverse tactical intentions.
  2. Seize space through both hard (e.g., lockboxes) and soft (e.g., congestion), fixed and mobile, blockading methods.
  3. Stay engaged with the situation in downtown St. Paul as long as necessary. Regroup. Reinforce.

The RNC-WC has divided Downtown St. Paul into sectors, so that organizing bodies throughout the country can coordinate their actions and make sure that every inch of the map is covered come September 1st.
Now it’s up to you. Pick a sector, gather your comrades, and start planning.

For a sector map and further info, see this page.

See you in September,

the RNC Welcoming Committee


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