Chicago RNC Consulta

Chicago wants YOU to be prepared to crash the conventions!

July 25th-27th, Chicago is hosting a regional anti-RNC Consulta that is being organized as a weekend long event of sharing direct action tactics for use specifically at the RNC & DNC this coming September. It will work as a space for activists and organized groups to gather and network for the RNC, specifically. Unconventional Action Chicago will be holding the Anarchist Olympics on Friday & Saturday night, which will offer fun, active and skill-building street games for the whole radical gamut! Those organizing the consulta are dedicated to fostering a safe environment open to all opposed to imperialist and repressive agendas, and who are dedicated to mobilizing against the RNC & DNC and furthering the cause of peace and justice for all people.

Workshops/Sessions include:

How to Form An Affinity Group, Armor DIY/Safety and Defense, Street Medic/Guerrilla First Aid, Blockading Tactics/Conditioning, Strategizing Sessions, Presentations from Bash Back!, UA, Anarchist Black Cross, and many more!

Free housing for out-of-towners, some vegan meals, and childcare (with advanced notice) will be provided.

You MUST RSVP as soon as possible to:

Please include any housing needs (womyn space, queer space, etc), childcare needs, and any other needs in your RSVP. If you have any questions, you may email us at that address.

We hope to see you all soon!

ROAR (Radicals Organizing Against the RNC) & Unconventional Action Chicago


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