A Call for Radical ‘Green’ Space Organizing

Over the course of two pReNCs and many conversations surrounding plans to crash the RNC, members of the Welcoming Committee have heard a lot of interest in the possibility of creating “green space.” It is clear that there will be people arriving to protest the convention who, for a variety of reasons, need to minimize their risk of arrest as much as possible. The WC is committed to a world-altering process that allows everyone to have a voice in envisioning that which we are collectively trying to create. It is important that individuals who cannot risk imprisonment have the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way in anti-convention activities.

We recognize that on the one hand it is impossible to create a space completely outside of police threat: the very nature of the police state and the lack of respect by State authorities for ‘safe spaces’ means that no space will be completely safe. Moreover, we recognize that oppression comes from within as well as from outside and that all of us participate to some degree in systems of oppression. So no space is completely ‘green.’ However, we also recognize that it is possible to create spaces that minimize the threat of arrest and that such spaces are essential in maximizing opportunities to participate in crashing the convention.

Unfortunately, while the WC acknowledges the importance of such a space, it is beyond our current logistical capacity to organize it ourselves. We are writing to encourage individuals who are interested in the development of radical ‘green’ or ‘safe’ spaces to speak out about their visions and begin taking steps to establish them. The WC is willing to assist in networking individuals and groups working to create such spaces, in publicizing their work, and in any other way possible. Further, we have set up a discussion board, http://www.quicktopic.com/42/H/pd6sKrbUvwd, for folks interesting in this organizing to engage with each other.  Anyone looking to get started is encouraged to check it out, to check out our site, http://www.NoRNC.org, and to contact us, rnc08@riseup.net.

Lastly, we want to encourage folks coming to the Twin Cities to be involved in various lower-risk public demonstrations and marches already in the works, including the anti-war march on Day One and the Poor People’s March on Day Two. These activities provide a way for all types of folks to be involved, with plenty of room for creative radical presence. Participating in or supporting any one activity–including the blockading strategy–does not rule out the possibility of participating in any other.


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