Childcare for the RNC Protests

Twin Cities residents are now organizing childcare for radical parents coming to Minneapolis in September, and we’re happy to say we have a space secured for this purpose.  The location is large and includes lots of child-friendly outdoor space, and is accessible from downtown St. Paul but distant enough for safety and comfort.

Volunteers with significant childcare experience will provide safe and respectful supervision between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the four days of the convention. Vegetarian or vegan food, organic milk and snacks will be available.  Parents should provide diapers if needed, and any special food or medicine.

We’re asking parents to pre-register by sending us an email with the # of children you plan to bring and their ages.  A registration form available for download at is designed to bring with your children when you arrive, and asks for emergency information, etc.   We hope to provide for all those who need childcare, but in order to know how many volunteers are necessary, early head counts will help us help you.

For more details, to volunteer, or to send in preregistration contact us at:


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