Eat First! Then Smash the State

Seeds of Peace, Sisters’ Camelot, and Minneapolis Food Not Bombs–with the help of friendly volunteers–will be providing two nutritious meals a day beginning a few days before the RNC and continuing through the convention and a few days into its aftermath. You can help us by working in the kitchen: chopping vegetables, delivering and serving food, washing dishes, etc. Additionally, we can use donations of bulk food and money. Because of the large amount of food we will be preparing, however, we can only use relatively large quantities of bulk items (e.g., 25-100, not 5, pounds of rice). Some of the basic bulk items we will need are:

cases of soy and/or rice milk
25-50 lb. bags of potatoes
25-50 lb. bags of onions
1-5 gallon jugs of oil
1-5 gallon jugs of cooking vinegar
soy sauce
tons and tons of garlic
tea and coffee
25-50 lb. bags of pinto, black, red, and garbanzo beans
tofu and tempeh
25-50 lb. bags of rice
25-50 lb. bags of flour
25-50 lb. bags of oats
25-50 lb. bags of quinoa, polenta, lentils, and split peas
cases of fresh fruit and vegetables

If you are interested in volunteering and/or donating food, email us at or call us at 208-220-2133 or 208-240-3253.


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