MayDay! Tin Can Comms Collective Needs Your help!

Over the past few months comms experts, programmers, hackers, activists, pirate radioistas and others have been working on creating a comprehensive communications network infrastructure for the Anti-RNC mobilization in Minneapolis.  We are nearly completed with our work but to finish we need your urgent help. We wish to be able to provide a variety of communication systems to as many participants of the protests as possible to achieve this goal we need some more equipment. Below is a list of the basics we need in order to provide you information on the days of actions.

For more information on how the comms system will work    visit our website

Users will need a cell phone (we HIGHLY recommend a prepaid phone without the users name attached to it; we are suggesting virgin, boost, or at&t as carriers) capable of receiving sms txt messages.

Here’s What we Need:

* Money (you can donate via Paypal on Be sure to earmark the money for Tin Can Comms Collective )
* Blackberries, sidekicks, other mobile devices with qwerty keyboards
* Computers and related equipment
* Digital trunking police scanners (such as radioshack’s pro96 or pro 2096)
* Related equipment

If you have any of this equipment you want to donate or lend us please contact
us at:

or just send us some goodies to:

RNC Welcoming Committee
P.O. Box 4514
St. Paul, MN 55104


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