Unconventional Michigan is a group organizing resistance to the Republican National Convention (RNC) and Democratic National Convention (DNC) this year.

Why Protest the Conventions?

The Democratic and Republican National Conventions present a tremendous opportunity for anarchists and other opponents of war and oppression. If the increasingly unpopular occupation of Iraq is still in effect by summer of 2008, it will be obvious that neither docile street marches nor electoral campaigns are effective means of opposing it; it will likewise be clear that the Democratic opposition is either not capable of or not interested in following through on their promises of ending the war, let alone solving all the additional problems capitalism poses.

Tens of thousands have participated in protests at the conventions preceding the past two elections; we can expect the 2008 conventions to be a major flashpoint. If we successfully disrupt them, this will inaugurate a new era of oppositional activity — and just in time, as federal repression intensifies, wars breed new generations of terrorists, and global warming worsens the ecological crisis.

What is Unconventional Michigan Doing?

Unconventional Michigan is a group working to mobilize folks in Michigan to attend and participate in protests against the DNC and RNC this summer. We believe that the conventions offer an excellent opportunity to reawaken the radical movement in this country. To mobilize folks in Michigan, we are:

The Unconventional Michigan project is a part of the larger Unconventional Action network that is organizing against the DNC and RNC. Here in Michigan, our effort is currently endorsed by ACTIVATE (Grand Rapids SDS) and Mediamouse.org.

Points of Unity

As a group we:

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